Søren was born in 1971. After graduating from high school, he decided to spend a year in the Canary Islands, doing what he loved the most, Sailing and windsurfing. After studying media science at the university of Aarhus in 1996 he finally desided to go for photography as a way of life. After graduating as a BA of Photography and Film from the University of Gothenburg/ Högskolan för Fotofrafi och Film in 1999, Søren startet his journey as a comercial photographer. Søren has shot a huge variety of genres. From Magazines and lifestyle shots, to large advertising projects all over the world. Søren also shoots Stock images for Getty images and Imagesource.

Clients range from Medicoclients to Banks and Insurance to Kids fashion and interior shoots.  Art byers and planners appreciate Søren for his sense of beauty and huge production experience - that makes every production well organized no matter how big the project. 

Soren is also working with film - have a look at his work at www.videotics.dk